Tuesday, 20 June 2017

TEFL Career Prospective for Aspirants

Are you a fresher fresh out of college and looking to make a career that is both rewarding as well as enriching? Or Are you a working professional, looking for a career change from your monotonous job? Whatever be the case, if you have good communication skills in spoken and written English, have a clear diction, is patient around people, is adaptable in any situation, enjoy interacting with people, have confidence in yourself to conquer the unknown, and want to teach internationally, then a career in ESL/EFL teaching may be your answer and perhaps the best available solution.
ESL/EFL teaching is fast catching up in this age where English is the go-to language for all. As more and more people of various nations are speaking English and are using English as the preferable language of communication, English has easily obtained the status of being the lingua franca, and is hence the preferred mode of communication among all sectors namely trade and business, politics and even for maintaining good interpersonal relationships between countries.Furthermore, due to cordial relations being maintained across borders, domestic companies are increasing their trade boundaries too. In order to ensure that their professional growth and prospective is on the right track, and to carry on business without much hassle, knowing English has become a subject of prime importance because translating languages has an added cost on the companies and nation as a whole whose first language is not English.
Hence ESL/EFL teaching profession has turned out to be lucrative career for many, with the advantage of teaching abroad and the opportunity to travel around various places. However, most countries now only hire trained ESL/EFL teachers because of which a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) training certificate has becoming a mandate to search for TEFL opportunities in places of your choice.Nonetheless, those organizations hiring ESL/EFL teacher and have not made a TEFL certification necessary will anyway prefer TEFL certificate holders over their non-TEFL counterparts; if nothing at all, the TEFL holders will at least have better positions with better pay packages in those organizations.
A TEFL graduate is eligible to teach English as a language and also other subjects in English to learners all over the world. The 4 week training course trains and acquaints the candidates the modern and innovative teaching methodologies that will be effective on learners of the 21st Century. They become proficient in teaching learners belonging to different ages, backgrounds, culture, language and ethnicities. The course curriculum included in TEFL generally involves topics on the strategies of planning and preparing lessons, the techniques of effectively delivering it to the learners in the classroom, helping the learners improve their English communication skills with others, classroom management strategies which also includes time management and disaster management and the various use of teaching aids and equipment to make the lessons interesting to the learners, the different approaches to deal with Young Learners and Adult Learners, and many more.
Since most of the training institutes provide these professional TEFL courses in the online mode of learning, hence it will be highly advisable that you opt for a Teaching practice in local schools in your area so that you may be able to practice and implement the newly obtained knowledge and skills.
TEFL graduates are hired in private and international schools, language learning centres and grooming centers, or in voluntary organizations where learners of various age come to learn the language and gain fluency in it.
Earn and at the same time travel to the new and exotic places in the world; gain new experiences in your lifetime and experience the difference!

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

TEFL Online Certification Programs

TEFL which stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a teacher training program that is applicable for all those teaching aspirants who are interested in a teaching career in foreign countries. TEFL is similar to TESOL which stands for Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages. If you are looking forward to having a well-established teaching/training career abroad, then pursuing a TEFL training program will be most suitable for you, as most countries prefer hiring a TEFL trained educator for their educational institutes and language training classes.
TEFL training programs are available in two training modes- online (which spans for a minimum of 3 months for certificate course and increases its duration as one opts for more advanced courses) and in-class (which usually spans for 3-4 weeks of duration). If you are a working professional, whether employed in the Education Sector or in any other profession, and are per-occupied with your work that you do not have the requisite amount of time to dedicate to in-class programs then pursuing an online program will be the apt decision on your part. All the online courses come with constant tutor support throughout.

There are various TEFL online programs that are offered by various teacher training institutes. They are as follows:

Online TEFL Certificate Course this course is the basic level program which is of 120 hours duration and covers acquaintance on topics like modern teaching methodologies, language acquisition skills, language communication skills, classrooms management techniques, etc. this course is primarily for you if you are looking for a short term career in ESL/EFL teaching and are not sure about your career decision right at the moment.
Online TEFL Diploma Course this course spans for 8 months duration period and can be pursued by both new and experienced TEFL educators where they are acquainted with in-depth knowledge on relevant topics to be implemented in the classrooms. The topics include modern teaching approaches, language acquisition skills, language communication skills, classroom management techniques, phonology, grammar, differences between teaching Young Learners and Adult Learners, research topics, etc.
Online TEFL PG Diploma Course this TEFL program is an advanced one and is for duration of 280 hours. This intensive training course provides a thorough knowledge and understanding on latest and modern ESL/EFL teaching approaches and techniques,  language acquisition skills, language communication skills, classroom management techniques, phonology, grammar, need based lesson planning, an in-depth awareness of Young Learners and Adult Learners (Specializations on any one topic), how to handle them and bring out their best in the classrooms, research materials and many more important topics which will enable the candidates get a comprehensive idea of TEFL.
Online International Diploma Course this is a specialized TEFL program for a total duration of 360 hours and covers a wide range of topics like TEFL, Train the Trainer and Education Management. TEFL, as already discussed above, comprises of modern ESL/EFL teaching methodologies useful for teachers aspiring to teach learners in other countries, especially in non-English speaking nations where English is not used as the first language of communication; Train the Trainer involves training sessions for aspiring or new trainers as well as experienced ones who are looking to know the latest tools and techniques used in training professional adults, understand and analyze the needs of the participating professionals and deliver trainings based on those so that they are able to gain the expert skills for which they generally enroll in the training sessions; Education Management comprises of the management of both the human and non-human resources to be used to the utmost so that they yield optimum favorable results.
The above courses are a testimony that there are many choices that a TEFL aspirant is offered with. It is up to you which course will opt for that will suit you and your preference.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

TEFL as a Career Alternative

ESL/EFL teaching career, also known as TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or TESOL (Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages) is not only a lucrative career option (with its hourly payment facility) but also is exciting and refreshing than other professions. For working professionals too, who are working in other field of professions, a career in TEFL/TESOL provides a much needed break from their monotonous and tedious life.
Most nations today, who recruit overseas teachers as ESL/EFL teachers for their educational institutions, prefer trained ones, preferably with a TEFL certificate from a well-recognised training institute. Hence it is advisable for you, if you are planning to be successful in this ESL/EFL profession, there is nothing smarter than having a professional training certificate like TEFL in your resume.
󠀠A career in TEFL is not only rewarding and fulfilling as you as a TEFL educator get to head a class full of learners belonging from various age and backgrounds, but also get the opportunity of wandering to the various new places on the Earth and unravelling the unknown.
However, before enrolling for any TEFL program, you should first decide that whether you want to become a TEFL educator because you get to travel to the various exotic places on Earth or is it because you are serious about the career and want to gain experiences and carve out a successful career in ESL/EFL teaching. Once you have made up your mind as to in which direction you want to take yourself as a certified TEFL educator, then it will be easier for you to search and apply for jobs and it will also help the training institute providing the training program, to assist you in your search for the perfect job.
TEFL courses that are offered by the top reputed training institutes have a curriculum that is at par with the international standard of teaching so that the candidates after completing the training program are able to find job opportunities at anywhere around the world. There various TEFL programs whose curriculum is bound to vary, however certain topics are constant which involve topics on training like language acquisition and language learning skills, modern teaching techniques and Material Management, lesson planning, classroom management skills, linguistics and grammar skills, Teaching Young Learners and many more.
Since English has become the ‘lingua franca’ so has the use of the language increased; in today’s time, most of the countries prefer using English as the primary language of communication in official works in both government and private organizations. Hence the demand and need for teachers of English have increased as more and more English medium schools are multiplying in numbers and trying to provide quality education for the students enrolled there. TEFL teachers will be able to teach in these institutes as an English communication teacher, oras a teacher of other subjects in English; they can even find employment opportunities as language communication trainer, grooming expert and many other language training professions in the private grooming and training centres.
In countries like Thailand you will be able to teach as well as get ample amount of time to leisurely spend your free time by visiting the various tourist attractions in the country. In countries like South Korea, Japan, China and Dubai, the pressure in the schools is greater, hence if you are looking to have to have an exhaustive knowledge on ESL/EFL career and teaching methodologies that are prevalent in the institutes then finding employment in one of these countries will be enriching and fulfilling and will enhance your expertise as a TEFL educator within a comparatively shorter span of time.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Career options in Education Sector with International Diploma for Teachers & Trainers

Those who opt to be a part of the teaching and training profession and want to become globally accomplished and proficient teachers and trainers will benefit by pursuing a professional training program for the same. Teacher training plays an important part in the success of a teacher in her career that provide them with the requisite knowledge, skills and guidance to know the new and modern ways and methodologies of teaching that is prevalent in this post-modernist world.A course in International Teaching Diploma meant for Teachers & Trainers does just that and more.
The International Teaching Diploma training program with specialization on TEFL ensures that the teachers and trainers enrolled in the program receive training on teaching approaches that are at par with the international standard of teaching as well as receive training on modern ESL/EFL teaching techniques and also on Education Management.

The profession of teaching and training throws challenging situations on a daily basis to the professionals working in this field and it will help themto deal with such situations if they are trained on a specialized program that they would be interested in. There are quite a number of teacher training courses being provided to aspirants all over which focuses on preparing the aspirants on contemporary teaching methodologies and making them competent enough to become well-informed confident teachers, however the most reliable and useful course to be undertaken is International Diploma for Teachers & Trainers with specialization in TEFL. The course generally includes 3 main areas of training– TEFL, Train the Trainer and Education Management. Therefore a candidate while pursuing this course would acquire knowledge and the nuanceson
•    TEFL which is Teaching English as a Foreign Language,
•    Conducting and facilitating a training session for adults,
•    Education Management
There are many aspirants who are trying to get a detailed insight in Teaching and Training and as well as would also like to be a part of the international teaching world. Hence, this particular course is aimed at those aspirants who are looking to have an enriching international teaching/training career as well. Very few teacher training institutes offer a program for teachers and trainers that comprises of the three main pillars of teaching and development. It is the candidates’ duty to opt for the one that suits their needs. With TEFL training, the aspirants become eligible to teach in any educational institutes around the world, wherein they learn to teach English communication (both verbal and written) skills to Adult/ Professional Learners as well as other subjects too to Young learners of various age groups, develop lesson planning skills, classroom management techniques, the modern tools to be used in the classrooms, and many more. This course will certainly acquaint the aspirants on the skills and knowledge required to become a TEFL educator. The course also makes aspiring or experienced trainers gain updated and effective modern training strategies to adult learners those of whom are aspiring to become trainers, creating a positive and co-operative classroom environment, gaining knowledge on various learning styles and many other relevant topics related to training the aspiring trainers. This course also covers another important part of the Education Sector and that is Education Management where the enrolled candidates are also provided with a detailed knowledge and understanding of the working of educational institutions like schools and colleges and what the functions of an individual who are a part of the Education Management team and how hecan contribute in the betterment of the institution and the teachers and other staffs working there.
Most of the teacher training courses nowadays are moving away from the traditional teaching methodologies and resorting to more learner centric teaching approaches and techniques where the aspiring candidates are acquainted with new and modern methodologies on teaching that will be useful while dealing with the learners. The International Diploma for Teachers & Trainers program is aimed at developing these qualities in the aspirants and making them ready to opt for a career in teaching/training and even shuffle among them according to their choice – whether as a TEFL educator, trainer or an Education Manager.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Be a successful TEFL Educator with a TEFL Diploma Course

True it is that TEFL is for those who are thinking of travelling to the various different places of their choice, thereby having an international career that would allow them with the freedom to travel around the world. However, it is solely up to you that whether you want to be an ESL/EFL trained educator that will enable you to travel around or you are serious about teaching as a profession and would like to travel and teach to challenge yourself towards personal as well as professional growth.
If you are looking to travel and use your ESL/EFL career as a funding for your travelling then a short term course also known as Certificate Course comprising of 120 hours will be appropriate for you. However if you looking for a long term and robust career in ESL/EFL teaching where along with enjoying a fulfilling teaching career both in the your home-country or abroad, you also get to experience the idiosyncrasies of the places of your living, then a more detailed and comprehensive training program will be beneficial to start off or flourish in your ESL/EFL teaching profession. A Diploma Course comprising of 220 hours is the course that TEFL aspirants must aspire to pursue in order to get acquainted with the nuances of modern ESL/EFL teaching methodologies, which are applicable worldwide in various positions in the different educational institutions. As a TEFL educator, one can always choose to stay in his/her home country or travel abroad in search of better opportunities and placement.
Many consider a career in TEFL as a paid holiday for the TEFLers, however there is more to it than just experiencing the various places. As a TEFL educator one gets the envious opportunity to explore the different places in the world around, broaden one’s horizon, whereby their thought process changes, and there is a positive change in their perspective of seeing things around them. Hence along with acquiring knowledge through the rigorous training in the TEFL training programs, travelling also plays an important role in the knowledge gaining process.
As you become confident of pursuing a TEFL program, a thorough knowledge of the training institution from where you will be pursuing the course, is a mandate. An aspiring candidate should always ensure that he/she has full knowledge on the authenticity of the institute, about the accreditation bodies that the institute and its courses are certified to, the alumni reviews and feedbacks, placement assistance and so on. These points are generally to be kept in mind in order to ensure that you as an aspiring candidate get to choose the best available training institutions.
A Diploma course program from a well certified institute comprises of various topics that are imperative for the aspiring candidates to know and get acquainted with. The course curriculum usually consists of topics like language acquisition skills, the modern and contemporary ESL teaching approaches and methodologies, knowledge on learner behavior and their handling methods of those belonging to various age groups, with special emphasis on Young Learners, through knowledge of grammar, English communication skills (which includes reading, writing, listening and speaking skills), classroom management techniques, various kinds of uses of different teaching materials in the classrooms and many more.
Today’s TEFL programs are all about catering to the needs and requirements of the learners, hence the programs are designed in such a way allowing ample scope of interaction between the learners and the educators where the educators are present in the classrooms to guide and facilitate the learning process. This learner-centric teaching approach being taught to the trainee candidates ensures that they are able to effectively implement this style of teaching in their classrooms as they get employed in an educational institute.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Become Accomplished in ESL Teaching with Online TEFL Diploma Program

Do you like travelling? Do you want to have a career that involves traveling? If the answers are a yes then you should definitely try for an international career in teaching English. ESL (English as a Second Language) or EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teachers are much in demand all around the world and if you are trained in one of its courses popularly known as TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) then a guaranteed job is in the best institutes is what you will end up with.
A TEFL certificate ensures you to either teach English as a subject or teach other subjects in the English language. It is a known fact that English has become ‘the international language of communication’ where it is being used as the only language to communicate among people of other countries in various different sectors, be it in trade and business, political discussions and meetings, or in education. Due to globalization, it has become important for those interested to have a prosperous career to know the language used by the majority.

Also, in order to pursue higher education and carve out a befitting career for themselves, parents have become conscious and are admitting their children in English medium schools and coaching classes so that they are able to develop proper communication skills in the English language.Due to this reason, schools, colleges and various private Spoken English institutes prefer TEFL educators who are proficient in their job.
Pursuing a Diploma program in TEFL is the appropriate program for aspiring candidates looking to have a career in TEFL, either with some years of teaching experience or without it. Moreover, if you are someone who is busy in your life and have commitments to fulfil with very little or no spare time to attend classes for the training program, will find the online program to be quite beneficial. The online mode of learning that usually lasts for duration of 220 hours hence is not only less time consuming but is also easy on the pockets as compared to any in-class course programs.
Teachers with experience in this sector having knowledge on teaching techniques do not find it difficult while pursuing the online program, however those new to this field, must surely try the teaching practice in any local schools so that they are able to practice the things that they learn while pursuing the program. The TEFL Diploma program curriculum generally comprises of topics ranging from language acquisition classes, lesson planning, contemporary and innovative ESL teaching methodologies, grammar and phonology knowledge, classroom management skills, and many other necessary areas of knowledge which are accessible to the candidates via the internet. The candidates are also given opportunity to do research work on the topics so as to improve their innate ability of self-study.
You may be fretting over the thought that without the guidance and help of a teacher which candidates enrolling in the in-class mode receive, you as an online candidate would be deprived of! You cannot be further from the truth! All online candidates are provided with a well trained and experienced tutor who provide constant assistance to the candidates and help them with their queries all throughout the program.
A certified TEFL educator will not only get the opportunity to travel around the world and have various experiences of the places and the people, but also earn handsome salary to lead a comfortable life. TEFL educators all around the world get employment opportunities in various schools, universities, language centres or are also hired as private language tutors to teach and improve the English communication skills of the learners.
So, do not waste any more moment and get yourself enrolled in a TEFL Diploma program and plan an exciting future ahead!

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Find a Job for Managing an Education Institute with an Educational Management Program

Education management can be defined as “a complex human enterprise in which different resources are brought together and made available to achieve and to accomplish the desire and expected goals or objectives.”
In order to ensure smooth and proper operation of an educational institute, to make sure that whatever resources is available is used to the best of its capabilities, is what entails a job of an education administrator. These managers oversee and manage the administration of the education institution to get the best outcomes for the institution. Educational management is concerned with schools, colleges, universities and other educational organizations and involves the organization and its administration into managing the existing “establishment and systems” and also bringing about reforms for the better functioning of the education institution.

Education management comprises of rules, regulation and a number of principles that guides the functioning of the system of an educational institution. It deals with both human and materialistic resources of the institution. The board of management is headed by the principal or the partners/stakeholders of the institution, followed by the teacher-in-charges who ensure that they are able to reach their targets within the stipulated time frame.
It is an educational institution which imparts knowledge, skills and values to the students so that they become more productive and useful to themselves and society, it is the education administrators who ensure that there this goal is achieved without much obstacles.
In this highly competitive market, where there are thousands of schools growing up, it has become essential for them to maintain a high standard of education and at the same time develop their unique quality that will separate them from the rest, not to forget the on-going debit and credit of income.
Education managers should always keep in mind that the purpose of their institutions is to provide quality education to their students; hence they should stress on the ways and procedures of teaching each subject so as to make them suit the needs of the students and prove beneficial for them.
The goal of education is not only “to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create men who are capable of doing new things.” (Jean Piaget)
In order to accelerate this process, people are needed to manage and look over the whole process, so that the goal is met as well as the institution is also able to run in a proper manner.
Educational Managers usually belong to the non-teaching staffs who do not or have very less academic jobs and concentrate on the working of the institution which involve handling the human resources like the teachers, students and other working staffs and also the non-human resources like maintaining salaries, building and premises maintenance, and managing/taking care of any internal or external problem that may arise. Therefore, they are responsible for maintaining the well-being of the institution as a whole, taking care of the needs of the teachers and the students as well as the finances.
As managers in a corporate organization try to provide the best working environment for their employees in order to make them more productive, likewise it the function and responsibility of the Education managers to make the task easier for the teachers and professors to do their job well.
If you are looking for such a rewarding and satisfying career, where you will be assigned the job of making the education process easier for the teachers and the students, then it is needless to say that a professional course from a good teacher training institute on the same will ensure that you reach your goal and be successful in it.